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  • Flights application of mega search engine Google already provides information on flights to Cuba. Google Flights provides traveler with information about rates and availability of round trip tickets or with connections to and from Cuba, a possibility hitherto denied by the search engine most visited in the world. Particularly US users benefit from this tool since the reopening of direct flights between that country and Cuba, interrupted by Washington half a century ago. Of all airlines that received permission from the Ministry of Transport to fly to the island, the rates of Delta and American Airlines, among others, are available, but Southwest is still pending to enter the system.

  • A recent poll by the BBC World brought out that Cuban Silvio Rodriguez is the favorite of the readers of the British agency, if asked another (Latin American) musician to award him the Nobel Prize for Literature. The decision, announced this week, to award American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan did not leave hardly anyone indifferent and caused all kind of reactions, including turning the gaze to musicians also recognized by the "poetic" of his lyrics. After Silvio, most mencioned musicians were the Argentine Facundo Cabral and Gustavo Cerati and Chico Buarque, one of the great popular musicians of Brazil and also a renowned writer.
  • Austrian Airlines will start direct flights to Havana from October 25, announced the Embassy of Cuba in Austria in the social network Twitter. The airline took the decision to celebrate 70 years of relations between the two countries. In 2015 there was a growth of relations between Cuba and Austria, but for the authorities of the two countries there is still more potential in the development of those links. The president of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Christoph Matznetter praised the opportunity of Cuba to become a site of enormous advantages in the Caribbean, for their economic condition, geographical position and its highly qualified population. Austrian companies are present in Cuba in branches such as railway technology, the industries of food and beverage, mining and plastics industry.
  • Mango brand plans to open its first mega-store in Cuba in March, situated in a commercial premises of the building that houses the Kempinski hotel in the historic center of Havana, and will be its second store in the Caribbean country, where he landed ago 20 years with an establishment in the capital, reported to Europa Press sources from the fashion company. The store will be in the same building in which Cortefiel also prepares the launch in December of the first point of sale of Women'secret in Cuba, as published this Monday Modaes. In the past three years, Mango has opened more than 170 megastores worldwide, 63 of them during the past year, which has meant adding annually 100,000 square meters and transform in record time 24% of its total retail space.
  • Until Sunday October 23th, several areas of Old Havana host the second edition of Havana Mozart festival, which brings together instrumentalists and prestigious professors of nearly ten countries. Symphonic and choral concerts with a varied repertoire, master classes, as well as a photographic exhibition, make up the program. The meeting, organized by the Mozartian Lyceum of Havana, summons recognized foreign instrumentalists who will give master classes every morning at the headquarters. Guests include Florent Heau (France), Roberte Mamou (Belgium), the Wind Ensemble of Holland, Benjamin Schmid (Austria), Ariane Haering (Switzerland), Michelle Schumann (United States), and the Camerata Alferez Real de Cali (Colombia). On the Cuban side, will participate, among other chamber groups and choirs, the Chamber Choir of Matanzas, the Exaudi Choir, the Schola Cantorum Coralina, the University Choir, the Orchestra of School "Paulita Concepción" and the National Symphony Orchestra, among others. The Mozartian Lyceum of Havana, belonging to the Office of the Historian of Havana and headquartered in the San Felipe Neri Oratory, contributes to the dissemination of the work of Mozart, classical composers in the world and our concert music.


  • To travel to Cuba: Legal Matters

    Cuba is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the Caribbean. To visit the island some legal regulations should be known. One of the most important tourist centers in country is the capital, Havana. In it we find the International Airport José Ma...
  • To... "taste" Cuban cinema

    The Cultural Fresa y Chocolate center in Vedado is very popular among Cuban movie-goers. There you can watch a film or just have a drink. There is a small space in Havana that has been gaining popularity for some time, mainly for Cuban cinema lovers ...
  • Charms of the House of Vedado

    The House of Vedado treasures samples of bourgeois life of Havana in the 20's of the XX century. The museum is part of the Office of the Historian of the City. Located in the crowded 23 Street between D and E, the home of Angela Campa and her husband...
  • Meñique, Knowledge is more significant than strength

    Meñique, is the first animated motion picture carried out in Cuba as a 3D film. It is a free version of the tale adapted by Jose Marti. Starting July 20th, a young, roguish and extremely curious Meñique, appears on Cuban movie theaters all over the c...
  • Endangered Fauna

    Cuban fauna is very diverse, but some species are endangered. Human activities and natural changes are the main causes of this situation. Among the great treasures that the flora and fauna of Cuba keep there are interesting species that, beyond their...
  • The Posters and its creators

    The creators of the film posters ICAIC are classified as artists. His works have represented Cuba in international samples. Eduardo Muñoz, a paradigm of ICAIC posters, signed hundreds of designs for Cuban and foreign films, the Cuban Film Library ser...
  • "Guarapo", a drink for the summer

    One of the traditional Cuban drinks is Guarapo. It is not only a refreshing beverage but a source of vitamins and minerals which make it very nutritious.
  • Brisas, always by the seashore

    The Hotel chain Brisas is represented by rating hotels in the main tourist poles. In Cuba, these installations are among the favorite ones. 10 kilometers away from downtown Varadero city, the "Brisas Del Caribe" Hotel, surprises you for the size of i...
  • Carlos Enríquez, undressing painter

    The first Cuban vanguard succeeded academicism in Cuban painting of the early twentieth century. Carlos Enríquez strokes represent that generation. Carlos Enríquez shattered the conventions of a scholarship paralyzed for a hundred years in the more ...
  • Bars in Hotels of the Historic Center

    The historic center of Havana hotels have very important bars. In them you can have a good time. The Historic Center of Old Havana is one of the most visited places in Havana. There are several interesting places which many are part of the hotels of ...
  • Cuban Birds

    The Cuban fauna is very rich and varied. The 369 species of birds that inhabit the island. They embellish the forests of the country with their songs and colors. Endemic species, naturalized introduced, migratory, among others, make up an extensive c...
  • The author of the Mona Lisa tropical

    Víctor Manuel was one of the painters who promoted the change of style in Cuba during the 1920s. His best known work is Gitana tropical. If Cuban painting has a before and an after, a point of no return, there is the work of Víctor Manuel García Vald...
  • Santiago de Cuba. City of History and beauty

    Santiago de Cuba is the second most important city of the Island. Its climate, its people, the history that contains and the beauty of the city are the elements that transform it into an important tourist center.
  • A judo athlete and a golden year for her kimono

    Idalis Ortiz is one of the most important judo practitioners in Cuba. Her memorable performance in 2012 was crowned with the Olympic gold in London.  From that moment on, her name would figure in the lists where every sportsman wants to be. Her Olymp...
  • With contact lenses, an artistic and pedagogical proposal by the University of the Arts for the 12th Biennial Exhibition

    The University of the Arts is one of the most important exhibition centers of the 12th Biennial Exhibition. Lectures, workshops, master classes, performances and exhibitions will also take place there.
  • In the heat of a drink

    The bars of Havana are recreation centers where you can also have excellent cocktails. Distributed throughout the city, they are platforms for important artists. When night falls, a bar is the best place to enjoy sipping a drink, enjoy a cozy atmosph...
  • The Cathedral square (Plaza de la Catedral)

    The Cathedral Square was the last to be built in the colonial capital. The Cathedral church of Havana and marquises and earls' mansions surround it. Surrounded by impressive mansions of the eighteenth century, and inhabited during the day by tourists...
  • Cuban Mojito

    Mojito is the main drink in La Bodeguita del Medio. This refreshing drink history dates from XVI century when the pirate and slaves trader Francis Drake prepared the first known version of a drink that had eau-de-vie, sugar, lemon and mint. It was kn...
  • That new Cuban cinema

    The film authentically Cuban was created with the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC) in 1959. It attempted to create a new cinema to prepare the citizen for society construction. 
  • Painters of the New World

    Cuban colonial painting is typical of XIX century. The period was characterized by the need to reproduce artistic European reality on the island. With the arrival of the Iberian pictorial potential of the original inhabitants caught in a cave magical...
  • Iberostar Hotels, comfort and quality

    Out of all the hotel chains present in the island Iberostar is one of the most exclusive ones. The comfort of its hotels and the quality of its services really make it stand out.
  • Son from Tivolí

    The Ecos del Tivolí recreate the whole work of the Matamoros trio. The septet is really popular and has been nominated to Cubadisco Festival. Santiago de Cuba is a city rich in examples of the traditional Cuban trova. The genre naturally emerges in t...
  • Gran Caribe in Varadero

    Gran Caribe installations in Varadero stand out for their exclusivity. Their privileged location and special service distinguishes them there. Besides, their privileged location each of these places offers impeccable service based on the maximum atte...
  • Obama changes image in Cuba

    Years ago in Cuba one would have witnessed a Yankees, go home spirit in the face of the possibility of an American official visit. These days, the path started on 17D –the name given to the date where negotiations between the two countries were...
  • Cubanacan in the Cuban Capital

    The Cubanacan Hotels are associated with foreign companies. Their representative hotels in Havana are places specialized in pleasing the client. The Hotel Group Cubanacan is supplemented with notorious International Hotel Chains and it promotes the e...
  • Olympic triumph of Savón

    Felix Savon is one of the most successful boxers in Cuba. His record shows three Olympic titles and several world championships. No wonder Savon began calling "The Boxer History", knowing that before he had scored his compatriot milestones in the rin...
  • Varadero, paradise city

    The history of Varadero is bound to its beaches, but also to the evolution of Cuba as a nation. For more than 100 years it has been Cuba's main tourist destination. At the arrival of Columbus, this coastal area belonging to the Peninsula of Hicacos w...

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